Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Music Mode : The Overtones

I was listening to 'The Overtones' songs while working early in the morning..
It's been a while that I didn't given them a 'serious attention' everytime these songs come along into my ears...

But today suddenly I decided to sing along with it...
I love the songs.. and still are..

I decided to check 'YouTube' and found the new official music videos...
Wow... it's really cool...

Gambling Man : The Overtones
I love the video editing..
Really cool...

Another music video..
The earlier version..
It's the 1st ever YouTube : Music Video that I put into this blog..
I always enjoy their music..
'Old School' kind of music..  ;)

I love this one too
For the longest time..
Alahai yang tengah tuh..
Tali leher dia tak betul sangatlah..
Rasa macam nak betulkan jek..
Ahaks ;)

Second Last Chance
How did I missed this song???
I thought that I already download all the songs..
I just found the Music Video
I love the catchy song..

What I like most..
All of them are so handsome..
Giler kacak ;)

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