Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Straight up.. now tell me.. (Eng mode)

I been listening to this acoustic version of 'straight up' featuring Lauren Laine.. It's totally different from Paula Abdul version 'Straight up' which is more catchy and dance beat..

I luv this acoustic version..
The melodies just so 'warm and alive'..

Music always been my closest friend.. I believed most people like listening to music.. just the different between each one of us is the genre.. melodies.. language.. group.. solo.. and so on..

Singing always be the best thing to release my stress level.. and I always sing when I'm alone.. saying word by word.. It's help me expressed what I felt and put my mood along with the melody..

Biasalah mood jiwang sekarang nie.. Jom kita karoke.... 
Tetiba rasa nak pakai seksi camtu gak lah sambil nyanyi2 kat bilik air ;)


rosdiana said...

pakai seksi tapi dalam bilik air jer kak?
baik tak yah pakai terus.

julietchun said...

kat bilik tido pun buleh seksikan :P

Tukang cuci cute said...


Maleh nak cakap akak mmg paki seksi sepjg hari hahaha.. ckp jelah dlm bilik air ahaks..


Hahahaha.. biarlah rahsia ahaks

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