Monday, 25 October 2010

I find it hard to figure it out

Yeah.. I'm changing my writing language for this entry.. Sometimes I feel.. I can express my feeling better in English..

Yeah this is one of the things that been around my mind for few weeks now.. I'm figuring out something.. either it's really something worth considering.. or just let it go as it shud be..

I have + and - feeling about all this.. Sometimes.. I feel like letting go wud be the best thing.. coz that the right things as well.. but sometimes.. when I starting figuring those things out.. by Q&A to people.. I'm starting to get a good vibe about this.. and thinking.. "Oh!! Maybe I shud hold on.. Hold on for a while maybe it will turn out good and well" Yeah.. sound like okay.. but then in couple of days.. I'm starting feel down again and juggling my decision either it's good or bad.. and turn my feeling and my head upside down once again..

Gosh.. I wish making decision is easy.. well I know the right answer for it.. If I spell each of it out.. I know the answers to all that.. coz people will give a rational and logical answer.. but when it comes to emotion then things start to fall apart.. Decision really hard to make.. coz it's yur heart that breaking down.. not them.. it's yur feeling that hurt so much.. and it's your mind that will keep on thinking never ends.. and it's yur body that will feel restless.. day by day..

How am I going to figure this thing out?? I don't know.. I really don't know

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