Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Can you fall in love with this 27 questions?

Assalamualaikum dan Good Morning Tuesday

Got this questions from here

Trying my best to answer all of it... and yeah.. could anyone sort of fall in love with me after I answer all this questions???? hehehe

1. What 3 things are you most passionate about?

1- My work... I luv teaching.. its my passion.. I teach because I luv teaching and I'm happy to see how they learn from nothing to something.. it might not be as big impact to them,, but at least something have been done to mess their mind for the next 14 weeks... hahaha... I always believed that its the easier way to get 'pahala' or saham akhirat... My late father was a teacher.. and I always respect his line of work years ago.. I'm happy in a way I have follow his foot step.. and I also know that he was happy when he knows that this is the kind of work I choose for my carrier path

2- Cooking.. I luv eating as well as cooking... been the eldest in the family I have started my cooking lesson at age 12 and start cooking for the family since I'm 15... always been a cook in a family.. and when I was in UK.. cooking is something that I have done daily.. day and nite.. I still cook.. just recently.. I started to cook and experiment with food that is less carbohydrate and more protein.. It's quite fun experimenting new food.. and turn out to be as delicious as I imagine it could be...

3- Traveling and photograph- I luv traveling... been traveling to many places before.. and still wish that I could do more often... of course with money as part of the traveling plan... When traveling I luv taking photos.. few shots shud be taken from certain angle...

Photo taken in Japan 2014

2. What makes you happy?

Traveling.. always make me happy... especially traveling to new places.. meet new people.. make new frens... A gud food with gud frens as well do make me happy.. chit chat about old days.. spend time with love ones.. laugh.. cry.. laugh again..

3. What do you feel the biggest  life lesson you have learned so far?

 Patience and appreciate people as much as u can especially families and gud fren. I had lost my dear father about 4 years ago.. and it's still hurt until now... That have taught me to appreciate people and spend more time as much as possible.. I tried to fulfill my responsibilities as a gud daughter.. a gud wife.. a gud sister.. a gud fren.. a gud worker.. a gud human being as well... 2nd.. I just wanna be happy.. so I act the way.. do things that I luv.. spend time on things I enjoy.. focus on thing that passionate about.. now I'm looking forward doing things that  have not been doing in a long time.. taking photos and drawing...

4. What are the top 3 things you want your children to understand?

1- Obedient and respect- To Allah.. To parents.. to people around you.. to any living things..

2- Kindness - Always speak in good manner and act kind.. mind the language.. act responsible.. be responsible.. love living things.. show kindness without prejudice to religion, race or continents..

3- Independent- This was the 1st lesson my late father taught me.. to be able to stand on your own feet.. know your root.. know what you have decide is what you have to be responsible too.. Ask around if you don't know.. down to earth.. and always know your stand and make your own judgement.

5. If any, what causes do you believe in?

Every obstacles that you have to go thru happen because Allah know that you could handle it..  and No lost comes to people that always believed and patience.. This been my causes and my strength whenever I face challenges or bad things happen.. I also tried to persuade myself to be 'redha' on whatever causes in life..

6. What makes you angry?

 When I asked someone to finish or settle work on certain timeline and they just ignore or take it for granted.. People that like to busybody around about other people life.. when my siblings disobey or make my mum sad.. that would be my ultimate...

7. What has caused you believed in god?

 As a muslim.. we believed in Allah and Prophet Muhammad... and the good deed,.. and what the religions has taught us..

8. What would be your perfect day?

A day that I could travel to a new places.. enjoy the day with gud fren.. gud lover.. family and friends..  A gud holiday with great traveling places.. gud food to enjoy.. great scenery to look at... or

A gud lunch date or dinner date with gud fren or bff.. talks about past and present.. laugh and laugh..  or

A day out to watch movie... great movie.. and gud food after that.. and great discussion about the movie what we have watch.. or

A day trip to a place that is 3 hour journey in 1 way... Greeting with a bouquet of  3 red roses..  lunch date for 4 hours.. around the island in 1 hour.. sadly have to say goodbye with hug and kisses.. and 3 hour journey back home later..

9. What were your first impression on me?In what ways have they changed?

To answer this question.. I need to ask someone else....

10. What is your favorite childhood memory?

 I was trying hard to recall all the memories.. there are a lots of it... I thinks the most was the time that we had spend as family in a trip.. arwah father like to bring us traveling to few places around malaysia... I also remember my 1st day at school when I was 9 years old.. I just move from city school to kampung school because arwah ayah have decide to stay near to arwah nenek house... Since then I become one of those top students in school especially in english..

11. How do you feel about your family?

I luv my family so much... I care about everyone of them.. 

12. What do you do when you are stressed?

Eating... hahaha...especially chocolate and icecream... hahaha.. I luv watching movie... old or new... I luv going to cinema... A lunch date with gud fren will also be great time to released stress... Going for holiday.. spend time with gudfren and families...

If my body really stress out.. I luv going for massage.. I dont prefer the spa type.. but the old kampung style of massage.. I have regular 'tukang urut kampung' that I used to go for the massage..

Reading of course.. I luv to read.. and I could spend time reading novel and like to mess up the living room and bedroom with books all over... I read when I have to wait for an hour or two.. either at the airport.. in the train.. in the flight.. in the bus...

13. What do you have faith in?

Allah.. and love

14. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Some.. but I wont tell.. hahaha

15. What makes you want to wake up in the morning?

Mostly because of work.. and of course subuh prayer.. and preparing for breakfast..

16. What is your dream?

 Be a happy person.. achieved my goals.. be a responsible daughter and wife..

17. What was the last song you sang to someone?

wow... long time ago I guess... have not sing for someone for sometimes.. Last song I sang was 'If I Let You Go' Westlife..

18. What is one secret that you have never shared with anyone else?

Its a secret right.. so why should I tell you now... hahaha....

19. If you could magically received one quality, which would it be?

Smart and creative.. I could design something fresh.. create new things  or invent new ideas...

20. What goals are you working on right now?

Finishing up my thesis.. and graduate...

21. What are you most grateful for in life?

Born as the eldest in family.. married with someone that I love.. always have gud fren around for happy or bad.. Bff for advice and adventures...

22. What was the last thing you cried about?

Arwah Ayah... I wrote about it recently...

23. What would you like to be famous for?

My work.. or articles that I wrote..

24. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Not many.. but I proud of my work.. and students that I have taught previously..

25. What is one lesson you learn from a failure?

Never give up and try again.. have faith to Allah.. patience and calm

26. How do you feel your relationship with your mother?

Our relationship is great and I luv my mum so much..

27. How do you like to be shown love?

Enough just by saying 'I luv U'.. pampered me... massage my shoulder and leg.. be there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on.. Be there  to listen to my stupid stories.. share my happiness and sadness

p/s Ada yang jatuh cinta tak? hahaha...

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