Friday, 23 December 2011

Tomorrow is the final day of study in 2011 (Eng Mode)

Salam Khamis

Another day to go.. We just got an email from the department secretary about the afternoon closure of the department office tomorrow. I'll definitely be in the department tomorrow and might be in quite early.. and might as well left early since I believed everyone will be out of the building early tomorrow..

It's feel sad that we finally coming close to the end of 2011... and soon in a week time.. new year 2012 arrive with more exciting and probably more adventures journey.. you never will guess what will happen but I pray that 2012 will bring me more happiness in life.. Become my year of success and end this long sleepless journey.. InsyAllah..

Yesterday.. I got a FB message from my dear sister.. My 'Pak Long' my mother oldest and eldest brother passed away few days ago.. He been struggling with stoke and heart condition and Allah loved him.. I sort of understand how my mum felt.. She lost 2 important peoples in her life.. Her father in April this year and now her brother.. I guess when you're far away.. you just have to accept that people won't live forever.. That also the price that we oversea students have to pay.. Anything emergency happen back home.. you're far away to reach home.. and just have to accept whatever comes along in life..

Talking to 'mak' and then to 'ayah' always been my weakest point.. It always make me feel sad knowing that I'm away from them for far too long... The question of 'Bila ko nak balik??' always been the golden question each and everytime I call both of them.. Well you can't blamed them right?? They have all the right in the world to ask that question and I always tried to give them the best possible answers eventhou my aspected date or months always change each time I called them... Just that this time my answer sort of feel like final.. Deep in my heart I know that I would be home around the date that I mention.. but you never knows.. Things change and I really pray that I could finish it in time.. InsyAllah.. As my mum said before she put down the phone "Mak selalu doakan.. semua kerja-kerja ko tuh siap dengan cepat.." and hearing that bring tears to my heart and soul and of course I almost cried hearing that from her.. Amin... InsyAllah kan..

This week been my emotional week.. I guess with all the hectic schedule.. with unsettled things happen here and there.. I been struggling a bit this week.. But Alhamdullilah.. I manage to 'fasting' as well and it been a great moment to break fast (iftar) at the office and continue doing my work at the same time.

I have been sitting at the same chair.. the same table and using the same PC for almost 5 years now.. my study place is my 2nd home.. place where I do my work.. where I wrote all my academic review.. and also place where I wrote my feeling.. Where I laugh and cry.. Where I see how world change.. How season change from winter to spring to summer and autumn.. Place where I see important event happen around the university.. Place where I always look at the sky and feel that home is so far away but it will always be close to my heart..

2011 has created so many memories.. we cried.. we laughed.. we celebrate.. we struggled and another year with more to come.. 


kueh bakar said...

family is heart..

marinahunny said...

kuatkan semangat. takziah pd mak..semoga 2012 menjanjikan sesuatu yg lbh manis..

p/s. xde gmbr salji ke o_O

Tukang cuci cute said...


yup always ;)


InsyAllah kan.. semoga 2012 lebih baik dari 2011

Salji tak turun lagi.. will upload when it's here again ;)

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