Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sometimes its hard when people tell the truth about you..

Hi everyone

It's 17 days in 2015, we are already in the middle of January.. it's feel like it just yesterday you were in 2014 and now here you are.. juggling and  facing more and more life in 2015

Having friends are the best thing in life.. not just they are willing and loyal to you.. they highlight things that are good and what they like about you.. and sometimes.. it's also hard to accept when they started to tell you what they sort of dislike about you.. or they point out your bad attitude or things that they find unpleasant of you..

Your reaction? Mine sort of mix feeling.. its depending on the situation.. if I was in a condition of asking them to point out the bad thing.. I might ready to accept whatever the bad or worst... even it's hurt but the readiness of whatever coming out from their mouth.. is something bitter for you to deal with.. you might have prepare to open your heart and head.. to whatever coming up next..

But.. when they pointing out the bad from out of the blue.. that really make me feel awkward and worst it really hurt inside.. especially when you feel like you have done all your best to accept and change what they have advice you with.. but suddenly they still.. remind you and told you the same things.. even you already do something about it.. and that my dear where the point I started to wonder.. haven't I already done something about it.. haven't I change at least a little bit of the attitude.. haven't I tried my best to accept and change... all the effort.. all the trying.. all the understanding... but still.. people still judge you on the bad thing.. and still some people can't just accept you as who you are... it's hurt.. really hurt..

Yeah sometimes.. its hard.. and really hard when people started telling the truth about you.. yeah you might know who you are.. how you would react.. what your principles.. what you believed in.. and people still judge you and told you.. that you should change... heyy.... why can't you just accept as who I am.. and at least appreciate me on what I have tried to do to change... it's hurt.. when I have done all my best and energy to be the better me.. but sadly.. that doesn't even count as enough.. that doesn't even be consider as something should be compliment as an effort of trying..

I'm sad... because it make me feel sometimes sort of like.. I sort of a loser.. or I haven't done enough.. or maybe the standard was so high and I don't even close to reach 1/4 of  that standard..

p/s Its easy if I could just ignore it.. but when that come from your best friends.. its really hard to ignore... I know that I'm not perfect.. I know that I'm not always right.. but please could you at least see what I have done to change or what I have try to do just to become a better person? Could you just be a little bit patience with me.. guide me and continue support me all the way?

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