Thursday, 3 November 2016

I should be moving on.. but something made me to look back everytime

Salam Petang Khamis

Its hard.. that what I feel.. when its comes to decide... its not easy.. Its hurting me.. but deep down I know that I didn't have a choice but I have to move on..

Sometimes.. when you are at the times that you feel your highest emotion.. you feel you have love enough...  you have try hard.. you have done all your best.. you have stay patience as long as you could.. you have done everything that you could able to stay strong.. finally you know that you have to give up and let go..

Sometimes its good that you let it go at the moment where you have to accept that its faith and destiny.. but saying this is not easy as it sound.. doing it not as easy as it is...

We start as an old friend from past.. we used to study at the same place.. we had the same friends.. we had the same memories... we had the same intellectual.. we had the same way of thinking.. but sadly.. we also choose a different way in life.. we had different career.. different idea.. different taste of living..

My dear friend... I might have to let you go... because of what had happen.. I'm sorry... I don't think I could wait anymore... I need to move on...

Stay safe.. stay strong... stay happy... and always take care of yourself..

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